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Truck or Treat

October 31st, 2008

 For those stuck home handing candy to the kids, hope they were able to watch the Craftsman truck race from Texas tonight. On Speed they called it “Truck or Treat” and it was a treat. First in the Set-up show all of Speed’s on-air talent including the guys in the booth were dressed up with a Wizard of Oz theme. Krista Voda as the wicked witch was one thing. But it was Ray Dunlap as Dorothy that was upsetting to some including Ron Hornaday. Hornady had trouble answering questions about the race while looking at Dunlap dressed in full costume. It was absolutely fantastic to see this on a major race broadcast. Hope you can catch it when it repeats.
 This is the kind of thing usually reserved for the local short track. Which is fine considering the truck races often have the feel of a local short track race even if they are racing at the 1.5 mile Texas Motor Speedway. And the crash fest on lap 2 added to that short track feel. Too many trucks crashed out too early but that is racing. The entire race from the start seemed to have drivers racing hard for each position. On lap 70-75 point leaders Ron Hornaday (No. 33, Kevin Harvick Racing) and Johnny Benson (No. 23, Bill Davis Racing) raced hard as if it was the last lap. No stroking in the truck series. In the end Benson leads Hornaday by six points. Looks like another season in the trucks where the championship will come down to the final race if not the final lap of the final race. No hint that the championship will be done before the last race much like the Sprint Cup. As it should be. We don’t need no stinkin’ chase…..
 This will also be the last season for Craftsman’s sponsorship of the NASCAR Truck series. They sponsored the series since the start in 1995 but the economy and conditions within Sears Holdings (who owns Sears and Craftsman) have taken a toll as it has on other sponsors in motorsports. But the NASCAR Truck Series will continue with Camping World as new sponsorship. A seven year deal worth reportedly up to $7 million. That is a lot for an extra letter. Instead of NCTS it will be NCWTS.

 On a seperate note. A Thank You to those that have written the past few months. I had a torn & detached retina in one of my eyes. The Doctor was not sure of the exact cause but a few hard crashes in a race car are a possibility. Remember racing is a dangerous sport. Had to undergo several procedures (had a second detachment) including surgery for a scleral buckle which is a type of implant. Could not lift anything over nine pounds, reach or bend for several months. Also for the first couple of months had to keep in a specific position because of gas injected into the eye. Not a fun thing to go through but can say everything is healed and expect to be back at the tracks again next season. For all to keep in mind it can happen to anyone regardless of age, weight, eyesight, activities or physical condition. If you should ever see a large increase in floaters, for me it was thousands of dots (no I did not count them!) or a dark “curtain” (a third of my vision was dark) across your vision you should see an eye doctor or Retina specialist immediatly. Time is the most important thing to regain as much of your sight as possible. I was fortunate and only have lost some of my peripheral vision and a decrease in distance vision although correctable to 20/20.
Keep Racing!

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