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 Today’s running of the Rolex 24 lasted 24 Hours. Coverage of the race started on your local Fox affiliate channel and the rest was on Speed. Only 16 hours of the race was actually broadcast. Some people consider a 4 hour NASCAR race as being way too long. So when endurance races such as these take place do you watch the entire broadcast? Do you lose interest after part of the race? Do you only watch the end of the race?
 I watched the beginning of the Rolex 24. The first few hours. Then I had to work on this web site. Eat Dinner. Caught another section of the race. Then watched a movie. (Batman Begins, which was just okay) Then dessert. (Strawberry ice cream) then work on the web site some more. Then I checked on the race but it was not on. At that point you know the cars are racing around Daytona. You know pit stops are taking place. And you know cars are breaking. But you can not see it on the ole’ trusty television set. Since I had enough of the computer I did not check online although I could have. Just read a magazine and then went to bed. Many teams are just going easy to make it through the night without breaking down.
 Up at 6:00am I was able to catch up on the action at Daytona. Normally I get up at 9 or 10 but for a race…well.. Hey I get up at 2:00am for a F1 race. The cars are still going thnrough the banking. Pit stops take place. And cars are breaking, while some are coming back on the track after repairs. So did I miss anything really in the overnight hours? At 1:30pm the white flag came out and Scott Pruitt & the Ganassi team could have pulled in and still won. But i watched that last lap as if there was still 23 hours remaining.
 For me the race seemed too short. Although I was not able to watch all 24 hours. But still short, Especially for an endurance race. If they broadcast all 24 hours, then does it become an endurance race for the viewers? Is watching a 4 hour NASCAR race an endurance race for you? I think it seemed short because it is the first real live racing event of the season. Something to take care of the withdrawl symptoms from this winter. There was some great taped racing events to get through the off season. Especially the Australian V8 Supercars. Unfortunatly there is some fantastic racing from other countries that is not broadcast here. For me I have my sister in England record some of it and send it over. Now that the Rolex 24 or is it the “Rolex 16″ being 8 hours were not broadcast?, I am waiting on the NHRA Winternationals and the start of Daytona speedweeks.
 For the next couple of hours I will enjoy the Summer Shootout Series from Lowes Motor Speedway being broadcast now. The racing action is sometimes better than a NASCAR race. Most of their races are limited to 10 or 15 minutes. Maybe the racing action is better because the races are short. Too bad. Would love to see the racers in the Bandolers go for 12 hours. But as agressive as they are, they might not last the first hour! Some are so talented they will be the next NASCAR stars and maybe racing in the Rolex 24. And help all of us recover from a winter of no live racing.

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