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Daytona 500 Tickets

January 31st, 2008

For the past month I have had friends ask me if I could help them get Daytona 500 tickets. Yeah, like I have some magic connection. In the past few years if you wanted decent tickets to the 500 weeks before the race you could go on ebay. You of course needed to be careful as their were counterfeit tickets out there. Probably still are. But you could find them at only a small markup.

 This year all the best tickets are sold out. But things have changed. The Florida State Legislature changed that. They repealed a law which made it illegal to sell a ticket for more than $1 over face value. The result is now instead of buying tickets on the grey market (ebay or the parking lot) you can purchase from ticket brokers. When Governor Jeb Bush signed the bill, he stated it would keep ticket prices reasonable. Instead the large ticket brokers are purchasing large quantities of tickets to events and selling them at extremely high prices. Recently there were complaints because Hannah Montana tickets were sold out in minutes but all were sold to brokers. And the brokers were asking up to $3000 for tickets originally priced $50. And I do not even know who Hannah Montana is! 

 So this leaves us with the Daytona 500 and many brokers are more than doubling the original price of the tickets. I do not wish to advertise these rip-off companies but if you look for yourself you will find some tickets that originally were under $100 the brokers are selling for almost $2000. And even on Ebay the people just looking to sell their “extra tickets” have raised their asking prices. While it is now legal it gives me the same feeling as when I look at a gas pump. 

 Now the real kicker. My friends have told me that when they call the Speedway for tickets they are refferred to one of the ticket brokers. Is ISC involed with the brokers? When a lot of money gets thrown around it does make you wonder.

 So what is going to the Daytona 500 worth to you?

Now that Champ Car and IndyCar will merge into a single series, will you?

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